If your website is made using WordPress, the look and feel of your site are defined by the WordPress theme you have installed on your website. To Select a WordPress Theme for your WordPress Blog can be a hectic thing as every theme claims to be better than other ones.

Hence, today I have shared this article which will tell you about, “How to select a WordPress theme for your website?”.

WordPress itself installs a predefined theme when you install it for the first time on your website using Softaculous App installer in Cpanel of your site.

You can change the predefined theme whenever you want. The predefined theme comes with minimal features and an option of customization.

Everyone has their own choice when it comes to the WordPress theme selection based on their interest and type of website they are going to set up.

If you do not have any idea or experience of coding, then it is an excellent option to go for WordPress blog or website.

You can create a beautiful, attractive and stunning website using the WordPress platform. If you don’t know how to select a WordPress theme, I will explain how to select a WordPress theme for your website/blog.

There are countless free and premium WordPress themes available on the internet which you can use for your website. Every theme has their own set of customization features to make your site look unique and attractive.

Well, I have made a list of 10 essential things you should consider before choosing a WordPress theme for your website. The theme should fulfill your need and give your site a beautiful and attractive look.

If you are a newbie in the field of WordPress & Blogging and need help in setting up your website, please follow the guides given below.

How to Select a WordPress theme for your WordPress website?

Select a WordPress Theme

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Look for Responsive and Mobile Friendly Theme

Whether you know or not, but the majority of the web traffic roots from the smartphones and tablets. Research showed that around 70% of web traffic comes out from smaller devices.

Hence, make sure the theme you use is responsive and mobile friendly.

There is an excellent chance of your content and website to rank in Search Engine if your theme is mobile-friendly and responsive. The site should be visible on any screen size.

Google also shows mobile-friendly websites on the top list of ranking. Whatever niche or topic based blog you have, make sure that it is mobile friendly.

How to check the Mobile Friendliness of a BLog/Website

Are you Webpage Mobile Friendly? The best option to test your website is mobile friendly or not is Google Mobile-Friendly Test. You need to enter your page link, and it will show you the results. Have a look at my conclusion below.

Check Your Website/Blog is mobile friendly or not – Mobile-Friendly Test by Google

Look for Clean and Simple layout Theme

Next, you need to consider while selecting a theme for your WordPress website is the clean and simple layout.

There are numerous themes on the internet which you are flashy, colorful, complex animations and unusual designs. Never go for such themes, they will slow down your website and take a long time in loading.

The ranking of your website or post highly depends on the load time and bounce rate of your site. Both should as much low as possible. You also need to use a theme which has low loading time and fits the requirement of your website.

Also, make sure to have a clear navigation menu on your website. The navigation menu helps the visitor of your website or blog to find the information quickly and without wasting much time.

Hence, always look out for a clean and simple theme which has less load time.

Supports all Popular Plugins

Plugins are the real power of the WordPress websites. WordPress Plugins gives you the ability to do almost anything with your blog or website.

Please, Make sure that your WordPress theme supports all the popular plugins.

Some essential plugins are Yoast SEO, All in One search engine marketing, W3 Total Cache, Ninja Forms, Nextgen Gallery, WP Quads, Ad Inserter, Askimet and extra. These plugins improve the functionality and SEO ranking of the website. So, an ideal theme must have support for these plugins.

Also, Ad Inserter and WP Quads are the plugins which help in inserting ads into the WordPress website.

Cross Browser Compatible

There are a lot of browsers people are using proper these days. Your site also is seen on a number browser through by the visitor.

Hence, cross-browser compatibility is the essential aspect you need to remember at the same time as you are considering the Best theme for your WordPress website.

See the subject description and browser compatibility on the theme company blog. If the company does not provide the detail on their website, you can also test your site on Mozilla, Chrome, Maxthon, Opera, UC Browser, Edge, and Safari to check the compatibility.

Note: You want now not forget that you need to perform browser compatibility test on Smartphones and PC model of Browsers.

How to Know which Browsers Your Audience are using to visit your website?

You can see the listing of browsers and their percentage for your Google Analytics account If you have tested Google Adsense with WordPress Blog.

Google Analytics will provide you with a general idea to check those browsers greater accurately that are in most cases used by your visitors. Here I am sharing my records, have a look –

Select a WordPress theme

Google Analytics gives an accurate result if you want to know the statistics of your audience.

Multiple Language Support and Translation Ready

It’s not necessary that a website should always be in English only. Yes, English is the universal language, but you may need to have your site in your local or regional language for the geographical visitors.

At such time, you need a theme which is translation ready and supports multiple languages.

I would recommend you to avoid those themes which are not translation ready.

Support for Page and Website Builders

Page builders are plugins which provide you the flexibility to create page layouts using drag and drop user interface.

Most of the premium WordPress theme comes with page builders in it. Most of these included page builders are developed by that theme developer only.

I would recommend you to use the page builders that are extensively utilized like – Elementor Pro, Visual Composer, DIVI Builder and those who don’t require more cleanup when you modify the layout of your theme.

Unwanted and unknown page builders can make your web page size high by adding a lot of unwanted codes, which will result in slow loading of your website.

I know you don’t want your web pages to load slowly as it gives the worst user experience. Even Google and most of the search engines like google don’t boost slow web pages to its servers.

SEO and Schema Friendly

If you are planning to upgrade to a Premium theme for your WordPress website, then it can be the best decision for your WordPress website or blog.

Most of the Premium theme comes with our search engine optimized codes, schema friendly nature and light-weight in size. Also, they are smoothly compatible with most of the popularly used WordPress Plugins.

I should not tell you Why search engine optimization of a Page, Post and Website is essential?

If you don’t have proper SERP friendy Plugins, then it’s for sure going to affect your Website ranking, which I damn sure you in no way want

Easy Customization Option

Whenever you are thinking to buy a premium WordPress theme for your new or old website or blog, always be assured that your theme supports the below-given features:

  • Custom menu and header customization option
  • Left and right sidebar widget options
  • Option to change the theme color
  • Options to change the typography of the website
  • Different category color options
  • Hover effects options
  • Customizable front page with a live preview
  • Sticky menu option
  • Custom CSS option
  • Translation and RTL script ready option

If the theme you are thinking to buy does not support the above-given features, then I would say, you need to look out for some other theme.

It’s a hectic task to Select a WordPress Theme for your WordPress website, but the theme with above-given features will make your life easier, and you can have the desired layout for your site.

Provide Support and Help when Required

One issue you need to bear in mind while using a free WordPress theme is that it is not guaranteed you’ll get a tech help or support all of the time.

It isn’t always in all case. Some theme companies provide you with premium support even when you use a free theme of theirs.

Be assured that the theme you are using on your website comes with proper documentation and helps you to set up your site yourself. I know that you would never like to pay a significant amount of money to fix a small bug like Error 500.

The support or contact help can be any type like – Email Support, Live Chat, Call, Video Conference, and by way of the dedicated forums. The thing that matters is the support whenever it is required.

Reviews and Ratings of the Theme

Reviews and Ratings of a theme is an essential factor for the ranking of your website in Google and other search engine results. If you select a WordPress theme for your WordPress Website, Ratings and reviews matter a lot.

It will give you an average idea about the theme which you are going to buy for your website. You can go through the reviews to understand that what issues people are dealing with generally while they are using the particular WordPress theme which you are willing to buy.

Reviews and Ratings show the actual quality of a WordPress theme. The rating and reviews are given by the real people who are using these themes on their website. Reviews and Ratings of a WordPress theme are given on WordPress.org by their user; you can go and check out for any theme if you want.

Be careful if you are thinking to buy the theme which has got negative reviews, it may slow down your website resulting in reduced or no ranking.

My Recommendation and Suggestion

Well, as a Blogger I have used many free and premium themes on my different blogs, they all have their perks and disadvantages. The best and worst theme is someone personal opinion based on their experience with the theme.

If you are a newbie, you can go for a free theme, but I would suggest you get a premium theme as it comes with extensive features and dedicated support.

I guess, now you can select a theme for your WordPress blog or website. Hope this article helped you about WordPress themes. Keep posted to the blog, and I keep coming up with such articles.

If you still have any doubts or queries, you can drop me a mail or comment in the comment box below.

Also, share the WordPress theme you use on your blog or website.


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