In this post, I have shared some necessary steps to follow before applying for Google Adsense program for successful approval.

Have you got a Blog of your own? How have you monetized your blog? Google Adsense or Affiliate products?

Have you tried to apply for Google Adsense program? Was your Google Adsense application reject?

Well, don’t worry, I am going to share some essential steps to follow before applying for Google Adsense.

If you follow all the steps mentioned below correctly, I can assure you that you will get your Adsense approved in the very first step.

Don’t worry, the steps discussed below are not so difficult to follow.

Every one of us wants to earn money from our blogs. Different Ad networks like Google Adsense, Medianet, Infolinks, Admob and some others help us by displaying their ads on our blog and website. You get paid whenever the visitors view and click on the displayed Ads.

Google Adsense is the top revenue generator. This is the reason that Google has made it’s approval a bit tougher than in the past. Also, there is high competition in the market seeing which Google has kept its policy strict.

If others can earn money from their website using Google Adsense, then why can’t you? It is tough but not impossible at all. If you follow their policies and guidelines, you can quickly get approval and start earning.

If you are new to Blogging and WordPress, please follow our previous guide whose links are given below:

Let’s go through some common questions that everyone thinks before applying for Google Adsense program or after their application gets rejected.

  • Is my blog/website eligible for Google Adsense?
  • Does my blog/website qualify for Adsense policies?
  • What are Adsense requirements for approval?
  • Am I eligible to apply for Google Adsense?
  • How to apply for Google Adsense?
  • How much time does Google take to approve my application?
  • Why Google rejected my Adsense application?
  • Why is my application in the review?
  • When can I submit my application again for the Google Adsense program?
  • Why is Google Adsense program the best Ad network among all?

The primary reason for the application getting rejected is that it is Google’s product. Google has its reputation almost in everything. Since Google is the most used search engine and AdSense is also its product. One can be assured of earning the right amount.

Also, Google Adsense is for a long time in the market. It offers Pay Per Click system on the ads displayed on your website. CPC means Cost Per Click is the method by which your earning is generated and calculated.

If you think is Adsense a legitimate or not, then Google brand name speaks for itself. Google Adsense is the most trusted platform for earning money online. It has got millions of advertisers, publishers, customers, and bloggers associated with it. One of the main reason for the high numbers of customers is transparency in the payment system. Adsense payment is always transparent and comes on time.

There are a few other reasons to sign up with Google Adsense than any other online earning platform. One can make a massive amount of money if he/she works in the right way. Many people are making a great living and earning more than a decent job via blogging and Google Adsense. It has been an excellent source of earning.

There are a few other reasons that make Google Adsense the number one platform for earning money online than other available networks. Google Adsense paying rates are much better than any other platforms like info links or Hence, every person who is in the blogging field should opt for Google Adsense over others.

As you know, it is the best-earning platform, and everyone is running behind to get Adsense approval. Hence, Google has made the application review a bit strict than in the old days.

Even if you make simple and minor mistakes in the application, your application can get rejected which is quite reasonable these days. People make their website and start applying for Adsense. And they get rejected after review.

Why is Google Adsense application rejected for new bloggers?

Steps To Follow Before Applying for Google Adsense Program

There are few steps which people do not follow before applying for Google Adsense which leads to rejection of their application. Today, I am going to share some relevant facts which mostly because of which Google rejects Adsense application.

1. Not enough content / Misleading Site Content:

First of all, your website should have enough text content for Adsense reviewer to review your website. The content written by you should be unique and correctly formatted.

You can write your content in any of the Adsense supported languages. But make sure your contents are unique and different from others. Make sure you do make so many grammatical errors in your content. It will also help to rank your post in search engines.

One thing you must have noticed while searching any query is, Google gives more priority to texts than images and videos.

Also, the content should be appropriately written following the headings, sub-headings and body part. Your application would be rejected right away if it is poorly written and has a lot of grammatical mistakes.

Along with being grammatically correct, your content should provide proper information or knowledge to the audience who visits your blog or website. Hence, the quality of the content is the number one reason for the rejection of your Google Adsense application.

2. Design of Blog or Website/ Type of your Website:

Keep the design of your blog easy and straightforward so that the visitors can see and understand every part clearly. You should make sure that the design of your blog is comfortable to the eyes and is beautiful while looking at it.

If the design of your blog is not proper and if it’s complicated for the user to understand, then your Application gets rejected right away.

Just imagine, you visit a site for some information, and it is complicated with some bright color background with unclear texts. Also, it has to visit your website by searching it on search engines regularly buttons and some yellow level with the white background all over the place. Of course, you will never want to visit that website again.


The website needs to be coded correctly and have a beautiful design for Adsense approval. But what if you don’t know to code?

Well, you can go with WordPress to make your website without coding. Just make sure to use a proper theme to make your site look different and unique. It will give your site a unique, attractive and beautiful look.

3. Your Blog/Website does not have some specific Pages:

To get Google Adsense approval, your website should have a few pages which are listed below. These pages provide information about your site, and it’s content. Hence, make sure to keep these pages on your site if you want Adsense approval.

These Pages are

It should provide information about your website, and it’s content. This page should contain proper details and should not be misleading.

You should provide information about how to contact you. Also, you should give proper email, phone or other methods to contact you. You should keep a contact form on this page.

A disclaimer is a statement which gives information that is intended to specify the scope of rights and obligations that may be exercised from that website. You need to mention it.

You should mention the policies and privacy of your website content. It should be clear enough for the person. You can generate a free privacy policy from your website.

The terms and conditions of use of your website property should be mentioned on this page. It should state the visitors about using your content, and it’s right.

These pages give proper information about you and your website to the visitors. It also showcases that you are a professional blogger or website handler and working as per Google Policies.

4. Your website does not fulfill Google Adsense Policies:

You need to go through every guidelines and policy of Google Adsense before applying for it. Your site such contain rich, unique and meaningful content.

The traffic source should be real, genuine and organic. Your website should have proper navigation and do not mislead visitors. It should not have click-bait contents.

Websites or Blogs that get their maximum traffic from social media and if is poorly coded, and they are also rejected most of the times.

5.Site not Available or Down at the Reviewing time:

Once you have applied, keep an eye on your website all the times. If your blog/website goes offline during the review process, Google won’t be able to review, and it will get rejected. Most of the times, cheap hosting or free hosting providers shut down these freely hosted sites.

That is why I always recommend my viewers to go for a paid hosting services instead of a free one. It is always recommended to go for premium hosting. Plus, make sure your website has SSL certificate. It adds an extra layer of security.

Steps To Follow before Applying for Google Adsense Program

1. Make sure to Write Unique & High-Quality Articles

Always write a high-quality content before applying for Google Adsense program. Your website should have unique and grammatical error free articles for successful approval. It is an important aspect which you should never ignore. I mean it!

Google always prefers to rank those contents which provide high-quality information. It gives the visitors proper information and makes them visit your website time and again. It is humans at Google who reviews your website so, you should make sure to impress them with high-quality articles to get approved by AdSense.

What are the Criteria for High-Quality Content?

  • Your article should be original, unique and grammatical error free.
  • Make use of Headings, Sub-headings, bullets, and numberings.
  • Your article should be free of grammatical errors and divided into paragraphs.
  • Your article should be long enough. Google does not prefer short articles. If your articles are unique and about 500-1000 words then you will get approval in the very first attempt.
  • Your articles should be unique, informative and plagiarism free.

2. Add Privacy Policy to your Website/Blog :

As mentioned above, make sure your website has a Privacy Policy page. It is prevalent and usual mistakes which most of the new bloggers do. You can see different articles and posts out there internet which says that Privacy Policy page is not essential, but they are wrong. It is necessary, and you should have this page on your website.

As I said, it is human who reviews your application at Google. The first thing they will look at your website/blog is Privacy Policy page of your site. If you don’t have one, you can’t get approval.

For Google, it is essential to tell your visitors, “What is the privacy policy for your audience and visitors?”

Why is privacy Policy Page important?

Privacy Policy is the first requirement of Google Adsense application. It makes sure that you are not doing any scam on your website and provide your visitors with the proper information and do serious business. The reviewers will look after other things only your site contains the Privacy Policy page. Else, it will be rejected then and there only.

Privacy Policy page informs your website/blog visitors about what information your website/blog will provide them, what can they do and what they should not do on your website/blog. Many people say it doesn’t affect your Adsense approval, but make sure you have this.

You can write Privacy Policy for your website yourself or even can generate online. There are many websites which can let you make a privacy policy for free.

3. Have an About Us Page on your Website/Blog:

Your website/blog should have About Us page like privacy policy to get a successful approval of Google Adsense. It ensures your audience and visitors that you are the real person who is running the blog/website.

An About Us page has a significant role and importance whether or not you apply for Adsense earning program. But if your site does not have About Us, there is zero chance of getting Adsense Approval.

About Us, informs about you and your website/blog. It will help you build a relationship with your visitors and also build the trust relationship between you and your audience.

4. Setup A Contact Us Page

You need to keep a Contact Us page for your website. It is for sure that everyone has their own opinion. But it helps you connect with your audience. Your audience/visitors can contact you via this page. You need to add the contact form on this page.

So for a successful Google Adsense approval, add your email address as well so that your audience can directly contact you. You can also get a professional email.

Having a contact us page on your website describes merely that you are trying to be in touch with your visitors and audience and listening to their queries.

It also showcases Google Adsense that you really connect with your visitors and listen as well as solve their problems via the blog, and you are not there only for money.

One important step

If your Google Adsense application gets rejected, read the email correctly. Adsense mentions why your request was denied. Your website should provide a clear navigation menu for your visitors to navigate to the contents easily. Your content should be easily accessible.

So, what you need to do is add all the necessary pages and categories of your website such as about us, terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer to help your audience to get what they visited your blog for.

So make sure that you keep your categories, menus, and submenus properly on your website so that your visitors do not get confused.

5. Keep a verified Name and Email Address on your About Us page

Before applying for Google Adsense, make sure that you keep your name and email address on the easily visible area of the website. It will help the reviewer of Google Adsense to make sure that you are a real person running this website rather than some spammers or bots.

If you have verified and real details of yours on your website, the verification process will be done sooner. There will be a high chance of your application to get approval in a very first attempt.

6. Add some reasonable number of posts with around 500-1000 words:

No one knows what should be the minimum number of posts a website or blog should have for a successful Google Adsense approval. Google has never provided a confirmed answer about it.

But if you ask me, what should be the minimum number of post?

Then, it can be zero too.

Well-established blogs have some posts, and still, they haven’t got Adsense approval for their website. And I have also witnessed blogs having less than ten posts and earning successfully from Google Adsense.

So there is no exact answer to this question. But, I can give you some ideas.

As per me, the correct time to apply for Google Adsense would be when your website has got 25 unique and high-quality posts. Also, make sure that every post has around 500-1000 words in them.

One of my fellow bloggers got Adsense approval on four months old domain with 20 posts, 500 views, and about 10-12 comments.

When I visited his blog, I noticed a few things which matter for successful Adsense approval. What his blog was like

  • Clean, simple and beautiful design
  • Clear and properly visible navigation
  • Unique Niche
  • Detailed and high-quality contents
  • No unwanted or annoying widgets

7. You need to be 18+ in age:

One of the biggest mistakes every new blogger does who are below 18 is providing the wrong date of birth. Most of the time, this incorrect date of birth lands them in trouble. I would always suggest you use your correct date of birth, most of the people realize this after getting disapproved multiple times.

Google Adsense is not for the people who are below 18. If you are below 18 and still want to earn via Adsense, then you need to apply from your parent details. And always, provide correct information about you and your parents whenever you apply for Google Adsense.

8. Keep a neat and clean Blog Design:

The design of your blog matters a lot while applying for Google Adsense. Your website/blog should have a clean, clear and simple model for the successful approval of Google Adsense.

What does anyone see at first whenever someone visits your website? Of course, your blog design. The audience and even Google always appreciate a clean, clear and straightforward design.

You need to have a clean, clear and straightforward blog design for a good impression on your readers and audience to keep them engaged.

Along with the high-quality content, your website design also matters a lot. Your website should have the following features for a successful Adsense approval.

  • Keep the design of your blog simple and professional
  • Make sure to have easy navigation
  • Add proper menus and submenus
  • Always have adequate footer and widgets.
  • Use SEO friendly WordPress theme
  • Your website should load fast

So always be careful before applying for Google Adsense, a simple mistake can get your application rejected.

There are different websites on the internet which provide free professional WordPress themes. You need to search for them and download it.

If you are using blogger, then also there are many websites which offer free templates which are professional and simple which you can use for your blog.

9. Make sure to keep to check Your Content-Type:

You should always be careful about what type of content you are publishing on your website/blog. The content on your site matters a lot to Adsense.

Some common types of content which are not acceptable by Google Adsense are listed below:

  • Adult or Pornographic content
  • Copied or Pirated content
  • Patching, Cracking or Hacking Tutorials
  • Publishing illegal and drugs related content
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

Google Adsense does not support all the languages. Google Adsense endorses some limited languages. The list of supported language by Google are given below:

10. Always Use a Top Level Domain:

There have been certain changes in Google Policies. If you are blogging on Google’s Blogger platform and your domain has something like, then you will get approval soon.

If you have any other domain like .com, you will have to apply for the Google Adsense program. They will review your website and only you will get approval.

You should always look out for a unique and top-level domain for your blog or website. If you don’t have a top-level domain, the chances of getting approval are very less. A top-level domain would cost you somewhere between 10-15$ per year. Yes, you need to pay every year for it. You can get a Top Level Domain from different domain sellers. Even all the web hosting providers sell a domain.

It is always recommended to choose a .com extension domain. Always select a unique, short and easy to remember domain that matches the niche of your blog or website.

One crucial fact also is domain age. In some of the South Asian countries, Adsense has kept domain age restriction. Adsense does not accept any website application whose domain age is less than six months old.

There are different stories which I have read in many forums that some blog got their Adsense approval in a few months. Even some blogs which are more than six months old are also rejected. Hence, it is also not confirmed that the age of the domain does not matter a lot.

But if your domain age is more than six months, chances will be high for getting approval. Make sure that your blog design is clean and simple with high-quality content that helps your visitors find the right content. You can still apply for Google Adsense program even if your domain age is less than six months.

11. Make sure to Remove Other Ad Networks as well as Affiliate Marketing Ads:

If you already have placed ads of other networks such as, info links, AdMob or anything, you need to remove them before applying for Google Adsense program. Though Google Adsense allows you to place other network ads beside it, it is recommended to remove them while applying for Adsense.

Don’t place other network ads unless you get the reply from Adsense. It may take from three to five days to weeks for Adsense to respond to your Adsense application.

Hence, make sure to remove other companies ads before you apply for Google Adsense. You can place other network Ads as well as Affiliate Ads on your website/blog once your application gets approved.

12. Check Your Traffic Sources before applying for Google Adsense

Never opt for paid traffic for your website/blog. If Google even gets doubt about the traffic source, your application will be rejected at the moment, and chances are they will never approve your application. Google dislikes the site that obtains paid traffic and also punishes the website which does so.

You can get your traffic from Search Engines or other ways. But if you want to earn money properly via Google Adsense, then you should never go for paid traffic.

Note that, Adsense would never approve your website application if your traffic comes from an illegal source. Hence, you need to focus on getting an audience from legal sources. You can obtain your traffic from social media, related blogs, and search engines.

What are different ways to obtain Adsense approved traffic on your blog/website:

  • Share your blog posts on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc. and other social media to obtain more social traffic. You can get social traffic through this method. Social media is a great way to gain traffic on your website/blog.
  • You can get organic views on your website by asking your family members and friends to visit your site by searching it on search engines regularly. It will get your website some organic views which will be helpful.
  • Submit your website to Google, Yandex and Bing Webmaster tools. It will help to crawl and index your site.
  • Always write your website on the currently trending topic which is based on your niche and country. If your article is based on current trends, there is a high chance for your website to get organic traffic. You can visit Google Trends to get more information about the current trending topics.

So, I hope you got proper knowledge about the steps you should follow before applying Google Adsense. If you yet have a misconception about any level, you can ask me directly via comment mail.


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