Before starting a Blog, the most confusing part for any blogging enthusiast is which Blogging platform to choose? WordPress vs Blogspot is always a topic of debate. 

There is much more Blogging platform like Tumbler, Wix, Jumla, and others to choose from.

Now when we see the professional side, WordPress is the best choice. There are a lot of things that you can do with a self-hosted WordPress blog but can’t do with a BlogSpot blog.

Both BlogSpot and WordPress offer the free blogging Platform which is excellent for starting their blogging career, but not the Best.

If you’re blogging on any of these free blogging platforms, you can read this article to learn how to limitations a free blogging platform for a self-hosted WordPress Blog.

Once, even I started my blogging from career BlogSpot and then shifted to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

As I mentioned above, Blogspot is a great blogging platform for a newbie blogger, but in the long run is a WordPress is that you should choose.

By the end of this article, I will clear all the confusions related to a self-hosted WordPress blog, free BlogSpot blog, and blogs.

WordPress vs BlogSpot Blogging Platform

If you are a newbie in the field of WordPress & Blogging and need help in setting up your website, please follow the guides given below.

As I mentioned above, I have used BlogSpot for a good time. I know its benefits and downsides well, and I’m not going to list its benefits here because they are all already in WordPress.

Control Over your Blog

Control over the blog is a big reason why I support Self-hosted WordPress. Google is the owner of Blogspot and can delete your blog without telling you.

If you also use the custom domain feature, there are chances by using the function of flagging and reporting Google may delete your blog.

This is very common, and you can also see a search on Google about bloggers that many of the problems are disturbing.

Winner: Self-hosted WordPress Blog

WordPress Theme and Templates:

Blogger offers a lot of Templates, but due to the commercial nature of WordPress, you can get unlimited free and premium WordPress themes.

You have FTP access to your WordPress blog; hence you can completely change the look and feel of your WordPress theme completely.

I have shared some popular theme companies link here. You can get beautiful free and premium themes on their websites.

  1. Rara Theme
  2. Everest Themes
  3. Studiopress
  4. MyThemeShop

WordPress vs Blogspot

Winner: WordPress

Plugins and Support

WordPress has features such as plugin and support of an active community.

When I used BlogSpot, I had to invest a lot of time to edit my theme and display features such as Related posts.

WordPress makes your life very easy with plugins. By using Plugins, you can achieve anything, and if not, you can also take the help of WordPress support Forum from where you can even get a custom code to extend your blog’s capabilities.

WordPress vs Blogspot

Winner: WordPress

Search Engine Optimization

It would never matter where your blog is hosted. Traffic is the first and last thing for any blog.

SEO is the best method to get traffic from search Engine to your blog.

If you compare WordPress and BlogSpot, WordPress offers more options to optimize your blog for the search engine, but you are limited to just a few settings in BlogSpot.

WordPress vs Blogspot

Winner: WordPress

The reputation of Blogspot and WordPress

It is human potential or perception that most people do not see BlogSpot from a great perspective.

A simple reason is that it’s free and many people use it for Blackhat SEO, spamming and Affiliate landing pages.

When we talk about the self-hosted WordPress blog, people think it has paid for service and can be best for their blog.

WordPress vs Blogspot

Winner: WordPress

Google AdSense

AdSense is life-line for any Blogger who wants to earn money from their blog.

There was a time when Blogspot was the best method to get Adsense approval, but it became difficult to obtain an AdSense account from Blogspot later.

With WordPress and your domain name, it is effortless to get the approval of AdSense which is another advantage of a self-hosted blog. But you need to follow Adsense guidelines to get its approval.

WordPress vs Blogspot

Winner: WordPress

Selling of Blog

Google does not allow to resell BlogSpot blogs strictly, but it is not in the case of a self-hosted WordPress blog.

You can always resell your self-hosted WordPress blog.

There are many people who create WordPress blog just to sell it later on.

WordPress vs Blogspot

Winner: WordPress

Social Media Websites

People who are active on social networking sites such as StumbleUpon and Reddit etc. know that a lot of people does not like BlogSpot blogs.

Yes, it will work if you use the custom domain. Many networks do not accept Blogspot blogs such as buysellads. There is nothing bad about it, but it is that WordPress is more Globally recognized.

With WordPress you get a regular update, it brings comes with new features and great functionality.

The downside of using WordPress is that the theme, domain, and hosting can cost you a decent amount. Unlike BlogSpot that is free.

WordPress over time will also help you make the right amount of money for you.

WordPress vs Blogspot

Winner: WordPress

This was a quick comparison of WordPress vs Blogspot, please post your questions and queries in the comments section below if you have any.


Madhav is a WordPress enthusiast and enjoys writing about WordPress, Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing. Apart from work, Madhav loves cooking and always make sure that his friends & family are treated with best cuisines.

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